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fiber art that's there for you

Dear Reader,

Art is a constant within our spaces.

Objects we decide to spend our life with.

The handwoven wall hangings of ToolBoxEarth are constants to rest in, gaze and dream in.


Fiber art created from recycled and found materials with the intent to invite you to play with your eyes.

Fiber art that explores the relationship between our eyes and parasympathetic nervous system.

I'm getting ahead in our story.

There's much more to be found here.


stay awhile dear Reader-

we aren't strangers anymore.


with a resounding force of hope,



no active support of the corporate machine.

no ads.

No social media.

no veils.

fiber Art representing a bridge into the new world.

studio updates, art, and free love letters

Thanks for submitting!


live courageously as a beautiful representative of this species.

Mama Gaia responds to courage.

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