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Dear Reader,

A fellow maker gave me a run through of the Advent calendars they are making which reminded me of An Easter Story...

Within Maynard suggests the light that we as humans emanate,

the light we reflect outwardly,

the light we hold that holds origins from elsewhere,

is light from the Sun.

Led me to a connection between Copernicus guiding us in 1543 with his publication of a heliocentric solar model and our view of The Self, represented by the Earth.

Wouldn't putting our light source at the center of our Universe represent the same transition as dissolving the ego?

A story that makes me think about shifts acting as reminders,

like a bird under a kerchief,

of our 'spot' in time and space.

Makes me think of this idea of

A need for forethought.

Collective forethought.

Chew on it or spit it out right here on the page, dear Reader-

this week in the news:

STATUS: DONE The second original fiber artwork of ToolBoxEarth's third themed collection was completed on Monday. Stay tuned as the collection evolves, but for now, check out this blog post for what we know so far about this electric woven wall hanging.

ANSEL- MY LOVE! The integration of photography and fiber art is something I have been playing with. Well, wrestling with really, in one way or another for a decade and a half. A slow process. The evidence of pictured here is August from a 2015 Ansel Adams calendar published by Little, Brown, & Company. The image itself is Dune, White Sand National Monument, 1942 and what I've done to it is cut it into 1" strips and woven them back into a warped picture frame.

A stepping stone. I'm considering a 'Garage Sale' shop section for items like this one- what do you think? A place to buy discounted, one shot, trial original pieces with other odds n ends over time. Like plant propagations.

BAG ALERT Crocheting is coming back to ToolBoxEarth! Expect an assortment of fabric lined crochet bags in the next shop drop to welcome Spring on March 19th.

TUBE-ULAR DUDE R Community Bikes is an incredible completely volunteer run non-profit in Rochester, NY providing life changing transportation in the form of bikes and trolleys to people all throughout the city. They graciously donated some spent bike tires and tubes to me when I reached out about available 'unuseable' goods. I'm still deciding on the first project I want to make with the bike tubes but I got around to cutting up a lot this week. Woven bike tube rugs or wall art? Stay tuned.

TIRE-D OF PUNS! The bike tire weaving pictured was also created using one of the donated tires from R Community Bikes. I'd love to donate a few completed bike tire weavings to be auctioned off or something similar. Kick the proceeds to their worthy cause. I'm just starting to send feelers out about this auction but if you are or know any: event coordinators/managers, artists willing to donate work, humans who know a thing or two, or anyone willing to host this event (virtual or in the Greater Rochester, NY area).

SUBTLE MAINTENANCE Since inception in 2021, ToolBoxEarth has taken on a new focus each year. Year One was setting up shop on Etsy and developing a website while participating in local shows and events in my immediate community. Year Two was leaning more towards outreach, specifically to galleries. Year Three is continued outreach with the intent of localizing ToolBoxEarth to New York State through consignment and wholesale relationship while creatively looking for you dear Reader. The subtle maintenance of weaving my way to you.

Trust the quieter mind behind the loud one.

Consider what we reflect.

Consider art to be a reflection of our Universal Narrative.

I've been finding a lot of peace and space to think within Pause by Poppy Ackroyd. Enough so, I want to share the space with you.

From the same ground,


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