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escher's waiting

Dear Reader,

I've been stripping wallpaper

in a room

off a set

of an Audrey Hepburn film.

Saving the strips

in binder clipped bundles

with the intent

of printing photographs

on them.

To rehang,

or fold for later

creased on a checkered square

The room is on wheels

running on

a train track

A set found within a little boy's room

A sign reading 'Jacob's Room'

There's tumbleweed sand on the floor


'hurry you're running late. escher's waiting.'

chew on it for awhile,

spit it right out:

next time you have rhythmic music between your ears, put focus at the top of your spine beginning at the base of your skull (straight back behind your eyes) down your strong neck, to between your shoulder blades.

In your Mind's Eye run the beats up and down your spine along this focused section.

Notice if your hands tingle.

(here's a spittoon)

With geometry,

As a ballerina on a beach,

distorted polaroid of escher's self portrait with artist's handwritten signature


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