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This letter is here and not in your inbox because social media doesn't touch this. And it never will.

But I need to write. Thank you for your invaluable time.

My name is Rachel and we've been spending a lot of time together. I'm relistening to Harmontown. And I'm relistening to it with the knowledge that the initial listen through was what pushed me to start weaving. Relistening to it knowing that I'm moving into something new.

My husband showed me your recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter last night and it seems like you're shifting too. Maybe we are collectively. As a species. Everyday the veil seems a little thinner. I'm in the middle of the episode in Harmontown with Robin Williams- right after the tour when you were snuggling back up to L.A. and feeling safe enough to really begin to dig.

If the quality of sincerity I'm experiencing within this era of Harmontown, existed a decade ago, coming off of a tour bus, what's it going to look like after you reemerge out of stillness? What's it going to look like when you look the monster right in the fucking eyes this time Harmon?

"The Greats take risks. The almost Greats gossip."

I'm honored to walk on the same ground as you my dear friend. Back to back, belly to belly.

With a resonating force of gratitude,

Your friennger,

Sentimental letters from fans read by Vincent Price.

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