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Dear Reader,

I'm not here for the upward current of rankings.

I'm not your sales lead.

I'm not your commission fee.

ToolBoxEarth began in Portland, OR. in 2021. The name came first and I courageously followed. Always a step behind it. Humbly. We've moved together.

It's been just the two of us.

I've been clearing a hearth for hope to sit.

Laying breadcrumbs in the form of weavings.

My hands are shaking.



To become more than just us two.

And we are.

Because you're here now.

Be here now.

Consider this a handshake.

Consider this a greeting.

Consider me a friend.

We are emerging.

I'm not someone that will take it lightly.

I'm not naive.

I'm not playing by the rules.

I'm pulsing with passionate absurdity.

I'm a woman.

I'm an innovator.

We are emerging.

I've never been more curious.

This is a hearth,

for us to sit.


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