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Humbly and Energetically

Dear Reader,

I have sent this email out a couple of times over the last few days. I don't see a reason not to share it with you too. Because contrary to what some people believe, you can say it.


To Whom This May Concern,

Thank you for your interest in my artwork, kind of. Thank you for being interested in my 75 euro.

We have to stop leading with currency. We have to stop saying 'I love you if...' We have to remember why we started and what we wanted the future to look like.

Nina Simone said 'You can't help it. An artist's duty, in my opinion, is to reflect the times.' Your template message asking for a donation is a true reflection of the times. Times when people, companies, neighbors are continuously wringing out, stepping over and through, the ones they think they are supporting. You can not build off the backs of those you claim to support.

Yes, I read the call. Yes, I knew if my work was 'accepted' you were going to ask for money. But since, something has shifted in me. A big shift. A radical shift. My art is more than your template message saying 'Your art is good enough if...' My art is moving forward and emerging with or without you.

What if you shifted too? What if you promoted art based solely on talent and originality? What if we meant it when we said 'equal'? How much Imagination would that take?

I'm angered by the system you willfully participate in, not you as the reader. I hope you see that. I hope you see me and my work. Have an awesome week ahead. I am renouncing your offer, humbly and energetically.




I'm not angry. I'm just not enticed by table scraps. Let's reflect the times.


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