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Indigo Children

Dear Reader,

I received another obituary for a friend today. A young, old friend. Someone who left the funniest voicemail to Skittles because they had an idea for a promotional campaign. Someone unafraid to try. Someone who was always a little crooked and struggled with addiction to re-align.

Someone with that certain kind of alluring magic.

Someone we all have one of.

I have been consumed by the loss of 'the individual' lately. Noticing the negative connotations of treating groups, and not the individual persons within them. The long standing systemic repercussions of this type of cataloging.

We vs. I, a balance lost to... what? I guess we each have our reasons.

Does it matter why we lost sight of ourselves and each other? Or just that our individual blinders we are bound by need to be shaken off?

Trainspotting the movement of wealth within the United States in recent years from tobacco, to the 'healthcare' industry, to the Opioid Epidemic.


Odds stacking up and up against the common ones.

Standardizing the individual uniqueness we all have.


Wriggle free with me.

Expect to be seen as you,

alongside us.


Vintage embroidery hoop, thrifted/recycled fabrics, paracord

20" in diameter

Indigo Children is a branded design that you can call your own and customize any way you'd like. I'm elated to be offering these modern works of eco conscious fiber art to you. An original artwork that represents the dawning of a new age in your home as a reminder that:

Change is coming.

It's already begun,

A dawning.

Fan your flame.

I see you.

We see you.

Unearth what is inside you,

Uniquely yo