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intent of action

Dear Reader,

let’s try a new room today

one that welcomes the purples of early morning

amongst beaten cream walls

a vase of faded yellow and white flowers

dirt collected on molding producing outlines

let’s pace


Do you think there's a difference between intention and action?

don't ask your backboard, ask yourself. do you?

Yeah, absolutely. The intent to say and what is said can be very different.

why are you on this topic?

Something a dear friend said about a year ago struck me and has been on my mind. Something about eating bullies for breakfast. Describing a scenario of shining a light on another's action, followed by a response of 'oh no, I would never', but they just had.


A major disconnect in communication between not just the two people, but a disconnect between internal communications as well if one person is delusional about who they are.


if who someone thinks they are, is different than the person they are actually exerting into the Ether, I'd call that delusional. Silence doesn't change anything. Something having the right title changes everything.

final thoughts. i have to put my skates on.

Who we are, what we manifest and reflect, is our actions and not the intent behind them.

Lead with love dear Reader,

and love will follow you.

Large oval weaving hosting cosmic arrays of colors bordered in pale purple cord hanging on a peg board

if something has been buzzing around you in a distracting way,

try moving it into a new space

(whatever that means to you)

and see if maybe your approach changes-

even the approach to the approach.

Thinking of you always.

With cold toes,

As a woman,


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