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Dear Reader,

Over the past few days a beautiful statement made by Brandon Johnson,

a true comedic treat to the species,

has been swirling like a mantra:

"God Bless,

but God Damn."

Cutting ties

unashamedly and without regret

clean cuts

in the next year, toolboxearth will no longer host an online store

the website and blog will exist,

this space will exist,

but once a studio space is established in a new home

soon the weavings will be for sale exclusively in-person

to support local businesses through fostering new,

tangible and meaningful,


to give you an excuse to take a trip to the beautiful Adirondack area of New York

the longer the internet EVOLVES,

the more convinced I am that it's

not the space for toolboxearth

but creating a space where we meet,


and share


come what may

choosing to trust neighbors

choosing to trust the spaces where people

are pushing for sustainable changes

instead of feeling weighed whey down

by unsustainable choices

made by strangers

and their soft language

Don't be afraid to stand up and call 'BULLSHIT'

Don't be afraid to remember what calmness feels like

(if they

don't go

hand in hand,

"God Bless, but God Damn."

Make someone's day,

and try to not allow that

to make your own.

We must do better.

And so,

we will


not sure how to start,

what to shed,

where to step next?

consider a journey beginning with your eyes

the shop door is always open

Come what may,

With glaring Spring sunlight,

PS: If you need some friends today, here's the video episode 'God Bless, but God Damn' of Harmontown. I also can't find a website to link Brandon Johnson to... if you have one, please send it on a little paper airplane.

Please continue to watch this space for the release of the new SEVEN VEILS collection on April 22nd in celebration of Earth Day.


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