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Dear Reader,

I'd like to think we all waver, especially during turbulent times. I'd like to think we all doubt and lose sight of whatever our fight might be.

Is that true? Do you waver?

It's difficult sometimes to tell the difference between projecting one's own insecurities outward and the frailty of the human mind as it exists inward. The fine line between moving within the organic flow and the momentary loss of balance. The maintenance of a ridge-line.

I feel more at home in motion than I do in stillness. It's been reinforced. There was a lot of chaotic shuffling in my childhood. A continuous revolving door of packing up and moving. It's remained with me, a need for movement. The deep roots spreading into the long period of transience and homelessness in my twenties. Walking along the dark side of America.

Walt Whitman's side.

A radical side.

Stagnation leads to festering.

Please do not stop moving.

There are infinite directions for us to go.

So many so,

it is impossible to waver for long.

Inevitably you will land.

When I feel stagnant I get stoned, open the windows in our bathroom, and take a bath in the complete darkness to feel the oxygen in my lungs create buoyancy. I move aside, and allow my breath to lift me.

My hand holding a pink tulip in dramatic light, for you

What do you do to correct yourself when you waver?

Where does hope go to when we momentarily lose sight of it?

With a trusting playfulness,

And unending hope,




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