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Dear Reader,

A new collection of weavings is whispering around our corner.

Each resembling one of the seven veils dropped during Salome's last dance.

Each offering a place of rest within one of our seven internal chamber rooms.

Gentle traces with curious fingertips on the door containing the ultimate cognition of the Cosmos.

New collection of pressed dried flower arrangements with wooden bases.

A new way to usher Mama Gaia closer in our homes.

I see myself in you,

and I hope you see yourself reflected here.

Normalization is in the eye of the beholder.


We are one story.

Humans inherently drawn to narrative.

Please stay close for more woven narratives.

Slices of Us.



From one ecstatic warrior to you,

With a blind dive,

Fiber artist's business card sitting atop a small, eclectic fuzzy round weaving in ambient lighting, bronze


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