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AMYGDALA is a tiny almond shaped cluster within our temporal lobe. It is the main hub for where we process our memories and emotions, including our defense responses and anxieties.

This original woven wall hanging is a exploration of the responses we all carry within us. A salutation to the neural building blocks we carry above our necks. The building blocks we all have in common. A woven offering of support between your NOW within this sensational world around us, and a guiding hand within your home to create a better LATER.

AMYGDALA measures 21" in diameter and is built into a wooden vintage embroidery hoop. The hoop is what creates a 1" depth that adds a deeper sense of movement within the piece.

Recycled woven materials include:
Deconstructed cotton fabric, various yarns (wools, acrylic/synthetic, other). The border of the weaving is wrapped in four different men's neck ties.

The small, volunteer run craft resale store, Craft Bits and Pieces in Fairport, NY, is where I get 90% of the recycled materials used within ToolBoxEarth. They are a non-profit that ensures access to independent living for elderly in my community and they are a joy to pass my business to. Your support of my artwork allows me to support them, so they can support others too. Round and round we go with the decision to lead with love ever before us.

Please swing over to our home-base, for more information about what's going on in the shop. To learn more about the woven secrets waiting for you in AMYGDALA-

Hanging hardware has been attached to ensure a easy transition into your heart and home.

Your new weaving will be lovingly packed and shipped in recycled materials. Free shipping is included with purchase for domestic patrons. Are you a neighbor in the ROC/FLX, NY area? I'd love to meet you and will happily deliver your weaving right to your door for free within a 30 mile radius of Canandaigua, NY.

Take the high road. You just have to believe it to make it so. Thank you for reading. Please get in touch here or for genuinely ANY reason- music or podcast recommendation, to say hi, or to build a commissioned weaving together. Always here.

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AMYGDALA | Recycled Art | ToolBoxEarth

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