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Bound by moral obligation. Indebted by gratitude. A woven representation of the cyclical nature within the simple gestures.

BEHOLDEN, original framed weavings are being sold as a pair or until a single piece is sold.

Constructed in thrifted oblong, octagonal vintage wooden picture frames, these woven beauties radiate. They display a in-house warping method that does not include the use of additional hardware such as nails, prongs, or studs. The weavings and frames are truly joined and bound together in hopes of doing the same with you.

These unique pieces of modern fiber art are woven up using all recycled cotton fabrics I deconstruct to weave with. All fabrics were purchased from my local craft resale shop, Craft Bits and Pieces in Fairport, NY. They are a non profit ensuring accessibility to independent living for elderly in my community.

Round and round we go.

The frames measure in at 8x6x1" Hanging hardware has been installed to ensure a seamless transition into your heart and home. For more information about these beauties, me, or ToolBoxEarth please visit us at

Your new weavings will be lovingly packed and shipped in recycled materials. Free shipping is included for domestic patrons.

What a glorious force is created when art and activism meet. Thank you so much for considering welcoming art into your home. If you are interested in a custom weaving, or have any questions at all please drop a line. Always here.

BEHOLDEN | Modern Fiber Art | ToolBoxEarth

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