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To ensure we remain strong, able beings primping and pruning is necessary. Plants are the same. Start a new chapter with a new houseplant. Track your mutual progress.


Varieties of houseplants being offered are:

- Hobbit jade // crassula ovuta

succulent plant that stores water in it's leaves. Drought tolerant and perfect for beginners or people with dead green thumbs. Terrific for those who like odd shapes.

- Inch Plant // tradescantia zebrina

woah baby woah- watch this one grow! Boasting metallic shimmering purple and silver leaves, this trailing plant's foliage will add interest to any hard to reach spot. Very adaptable and can be grown in a hanging basket or shelf, but can also be trained to grow vertically up a moss pole.

- Spider Plant // chlorophytum comosum

no matter how generic the plant, each living thing holds a story. like sliding into a classic everytime, spider plants are the optimal houseplant. what's another one? welcome.

- Barrel Cactus // echinocactus spp.

round, plump cacti originating from the North American desert. as the cacti matures, new smaller cacti will begin to grow from the spines.


Plants propagations will be lovingly packed and sent in recycled plastic spice containers. All orders will include care cards with tips. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Always here.

Start a new chapter with a new attachment- something to grow with.


Thank you for reading, being you and here.

To new beginnings,



**If you have animals in your home, these plants may affect them. Proceed considerately please. ToolBoxEarth can not be held accountable for what happens in your home.


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