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DEMETER is the Olympian goddess of the harvest and the health of the Earth. How careful we must be with our seat at Nature's table.

A interpretation of a 'Mother to Many' portrayed as a handwoven piece of original fiber art with the intention to offer a hand. A piece of meditative artwork that bridges the gap between the calm stillness within the weaving process and bringing that same stillness into your home or space.

Materials used:
-large embroidery hoops
-deconstructed plastic gold framing
-secondhand batik fabric
-secondhand 2" paisley trim fabric
-recycled cotton macrame cord
-pink boondoggle (see around the edge of weaving)

Measures in at 12" in diameter. There is a 'seam' where the two ends of the plastic gold molding meet around the frame. It's displayed clearly in several of the listing photos, I'd just haaate for anyone to be bummed by any aspect of this one of a kind artwork.

Your new one of a kind piece of modern fiber art will arrived packed in recycled materials with hanging hardware attached. Allowing for a effortless transition into your heart and home.

Know a Mother to Many?
If your walls are full, please consider purchasing a gift from ToolBoxEarth. Your support of the artwork here ensures that I can continue to support my local craft resale store that supports elderly within my community. Round and round we go. <3

If you would like to know more about the artivism of ToolBoxEarth and I, please visit us at our home-base

No act is too small to affect the whole. We move as one.

Always here for questions or a chat.
With big love,
art that's there for you

DEMETER | Handmade Wall Art, modern fiber art | ToolBoxEarth

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