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The majestic plural. Finding self love and worth within the wild swirl that is life. Heading inwards while finding presence and balance outwardly. This baby has it all.

Add this colorfully curious whirlpool to any space in your life you return to, or want to embrace, mindfully.

This weave is constructed out of a wide variety of fibers- cotton, polyester fabric, wool, microfiber, acrylic, and velvet. It's warped directly into the frame and cannot be separated. The frame is heavy plastic chock full of elegant detailing.

Measures 11x9x1".

Questions about this piece? My door is always open.
Curious about a custom weave of your very own? Head over to my 'Custom Weaving' listing and let's get to it.

Happy Spring ya'll. Let's dig in.

I/WE | Framed Weaving

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