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The wall flowers. The beautifully strange ones. The decent and pious. The outsiders. The misdiagnosed. Rising, for change, within the ecosystem of culture. A reverent bow to the pulsing around and within us.

INDIGO CHILDREN is a branded design of ToolBoxEarth. This listing is for the pieces pictured, alongside the option to create a custom, original artwork of the same design.

Add a representation of the dawning of a new age to your home as a reminder that change is coming, to fan your flame, or as a focal point to the collective whole. Just like the design? Count yourself in!

Materials used to create these one of a kind works of modern fiber art:
-Thrifted vintage quiltting embroidery hoop/metal hoop (depending on desired size)
-Deconstructed, thrifted cotton fabrics/yarns (spiral)
-Paracord (wrapped in fabric, formed into loops, and stitched into the piece with fabric)

Tools used:
-Hands determined to move in-flow

Ready to ship pieces:
-White, mustard, and green (20" diameter)
-Burgundy and blues (20" diameter)

I am elated to offer a specific design that can be shared and re-imagined. If you would like a custom INDIGO CHILD, we will work together from concept to delivery, and I will be available every step of the way for your thoughts and ideas.

Variables for custom pieces include (but IS NOT limited to) size, color, spiral design, and style of loops.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or just to dip a toe in. I don't bite. Always here.

Hanging hardware will be installed on every piece to ensure a smooth transition into your heart and home. Free shipping is included for domestic patrons.

'E.M.P. from the mother and son
Tore the digital down
Dawned are the age of the innocent ones
The indigo children

Analog time piece, sky wide
Sync to the ticker inside
Move to the rhythm of the moon and tide
The indigo children

Sirius, Venus and the lunar child
Giggle and the flames grow higher
Dance in a circle around a central fire
The indigo children come.'

INDIGO CHILDREN | Original Fiber Art | ToolBoxEarth

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