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Hydrogen and cosmic dust. What could go wrong?

NEBULA is a woven testament to the cosmos. A deep dive into the micro within each individual knot and the majestic macro. This cosmic theme is celebrated using vintage lace, upholstery edging, and recycled sari ribbon woven into a vintage quilting hoop for the frame. The weaving measures 18" in diameter with a 1" depth. This 1" physical depth of the hoop is what allows the deeper sense of visual depth.

The body of this weaving is just several kinds of vintage lace woven together. The border of the embroidery hoop has been wrapped in variegated, semi reflective recycled sari ribbons. This beauty catches all the light.

The small, volunteer run craft resale store, Craft Bits and Pieces in Fairport, NY, is where I get 90% of the recycled materials used within ToolBoxEarth. They are a non-profit that ensures access to independent living for elderly in my community and they are a joy to pass my business to. Your support of my artwork allows me to support them, so they can support others too. Round and round we go with the decision to lead with love ever before us.

Hanging hardware has been attached to the back of the weaving to ensure a flawless transition into your heart and home.

Your new weaving will be packed and shipped using recycled materials. Free shipping is included for domestic patrons. Are you a neighbor in the ROC/FLX, NY area? I'd love to meet you and will happily deliver your weaving right to your door for free within a 30 mile radius of Canandaigua, NY.

Don't hesitate to get in touch. ToolBoxEarth is run by someone (Me) who wants to get to know you and be available for whatever you bring to the table. Whether that be a chat, music or podcast recommendations, or to inquire about building a commissioned weaving together.

For more about the weavings and I please visit our home-base,

'Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.'

Let us move together.
Thanks for reading. Have an awesome day. Or night. Or both.


NEBULA | Recycled Fiber Art | ToolBoxEarth

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