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The original, handwoven works found within ToolBoxEarth are created using only recycled, found, or naturally foraged materials. From start to finish these artworks move from a place rooted in sustainable love, psychology, and connectivity until they land on your wall.

STUMPED measures 15" is diameter with a 1" depth. A handmade creation with the intent to aid you when you feel just that- stumped. An original piece of fiber art that elicits calmness and a invitation to reflect when it seems like the world has stolen your knees. Or kicked em right out from under you! Art heals all.

Materials used:
-vintage quilting hoops
-recycled fibers and fabrics*
(cottons, silk and batik fabrics** with various wools, synthetic, and some handspun yarns)
-donated spent climbing rope from Rock Central Climbing Gym in Rochester, NY
*I purchase materials exclusively from local craft resale shops. The contents of this woven lovefest are from Crafts Bits and Piece in Fairport, NY. They are a volunteer run non profit that strives to ensure accessibility to independent living for elderly people within our community. Your support of ToolBoxEarth allows me to continue to support them, so they can turn around and keep supporting others. Round and round we go with the option to lead with love right under our noses.
**I deconstruct and rip all fabrics/materials myself in my home studio located in the Finger Lakes region of New York

Add a new dependable friend to the toolbox of support around you. Or please reach out to start designing your own commissioned slice of woven goodness. In this turbulent world, we need constants. Places we can find rest and focus to contemplate in radiant stillness.

Your new weaving will be lovingly packed and shipped in recycled packing materials. Free shipping is included for US patrons. Always here. Reach out for any reason- any reason at all.

Don't be STUMPED! And if you are? Heyo- not alone. Try a new piece of meditative art that was made as a hand to help you up.

Thank you for reading and considering welcoming ToolBoxEarth into your heart and home. Visit us at our home-base, for more info and artivism inspiration.

Right from my guts to your guts,
art that's there for you

STUMPED | Handmade fiber art, recycled art, round weaving, unique gift

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