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LOOK HERE- SEE! In the spirit of spooky season 2023, ToolBoxEarth is offering up a woven 'WhoDunIt?' scenario.'It was that same small town we've all passed through. People have bells on their doors instead of locks...'And now, allow me to introduce you to the characters of our spooky tale:

MARLO- Seems friendly, don't he? Well. Me? I'm not so sure he'd hold the door for anything but a snake.16x12x1"

MOSSY- Knows more about this town than anyone, I'd say. Lived here 104 years according to 'im. Never know where his eyes go.10x8x1" SOLD

WEDNESDAY- Odin's Day. Started out like any other... but then. How could we have...?10x7x1"

ALTHEA- She was the one that saw 'im first.14x7x1"

BILL- He just wouldn't stop raking...18x6x1"

WEAVE BEEN FRAMED! is ToolBoxEarth's second themed collection. I am elated to offer these newcomers to you. Each piece is built into stretcher frames- think the wooden frame a painted canvas is stretched around. The woven materials include a wild, original assortments of deconstructed cotton fabrics, Sherpa, synthetic/acrylic yarns, wools, and many more. The weaving is attached to the frame on all four sides.ToolBoxEarth strives to be where fiber art and the Golden Rule collide. Everything is produced using recycled, found, or naturally foraged materials. The one of a kind artwork that you've found here radiates connectivity through sustainability. Woven offerings.Add a single piece to your home, or this collection is being offered as a set until the suspects start to disappear. Catch them while you can! Throw em up in a gallery wall where they belong!WEAVE BEEN FRAMED! has been crafted using materials sourced from Crafts Bits and Pieces, a non-profit craft resale shop located in Fairport, NY. Their mission is to ensure seniors accessibility to independent living within my community. Your purchase from ToolBoxEarth allows me to turn around and support them. Round we go. No act is too small to matter.To learn more about the happenings in ToolBoxEarth and to find inspiration for your own type of artivism visit us at our home-base, five weavings have a strong cotton cord strung across the back of the piece in order to effortlessly hang it in your home and add this original piece of fiber art to your heart.Free shipping is included for domestic patrons. Your new weaving(s) will be lovingly packed and shipped in recycled materials. Are you a neighbor in the ROC/FLX, NY area? I'd love to meet you and will happily deliver your weaving right to your door for free within a 30 mile radius of Canandaigua, NY.Don't be afraid. Everything is going to be alright. You are never an island.Thanks for considering welcoming this collection into your life. Always here.Kindly,Rachelheythere@toolboxearth.comBreak free.

WEAVE BEEN FRAMED! | Modern Fiber Art | ToolBoxEarth

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