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Dear Reader,

The title ‘artist’ has never felt quite right to me. But ‘maker’, that fits just right. And that’s what I do here. I make.

ToolBoxEarth is what I can do in a way no one else can. I began curiously exploring the world of fiber art during the COVID-19 pandemic. Weaving quickly transitioned from a past time to a lifeline used to communicate with the world that was just out of reach.

Art is language. I make exclusively with thrifted, upcycled, or naturally foraged materials. This allows me to live within my truest language by interacting with my surroundings, fellow humans, and to keep production costs low. I want the original artwork here to be accessible to everyone. And to do right by Mama Gaia.

How I warp a thrifted picture frame and turn it into a loom is my own design. It does not use any added implements such as nails, prongs, or studs. The weavings are built directly into the frame. What you have found at ToolBoxEarth is unique, like you and me.

Interested in a custom keepsake artwork with provided materials? Please get in touch.

Creating custom pieces of art that reflect ‘slices’, moments that transcend, is my main goal as a maker. To allow you the means to shed something inside yourself, reorganize it’s pieces into an original artwork so you may coexist together with a little more ease. If you are interested in a custom weaving, please shoot me a message with any questions, ideas, or just to say hi.

I'm glad you found us, and to be meeting you. Thank you for reading.



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