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an ode to aaron bushnell

Dear Reader,

I'd rather cut my nose off,

to spite my face.


What's really affecting you?

What changes with the intent to gather up focus?

With eyes closed during a deep inhale if we gather as much of our mental capacity as we can muster and lock it in our chests like Iron Man-

(not sure where that heart space is? consider engaging your core with focus.)

Does it change your posture?

Would the intent to focus change the way we stand together?


Find clarity,


Come back to us.

So those who cannot emerge around a corner into a room of their loved one's lives in us.

As us.

You can not be owned.

Gather our slicing eyes so we may confidently,


Fiercely meet the gaze of the hand we've been dealt.


crocuses have already come and gone this year, dear Reader.

With an able mind,

In spite of our face,


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