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Dear Reader,

Normalization is in the eye of the Beholder.

SIGNAL JAMMERS, an online exhibit jurored by Anthony Naimo

presented by midwestnice art

A place to take a mental stroll,

to wander amongst art inviting change,

to collect and connect


"Where do we find representation when our identities are redacted from the media? How do we preserve histories others wish to erase? How do we express ourselves when we are unprepared for provocation? We engage in espionage. 

The secret meaning of an encrypted message is reserved for an intimate in-group attuned to the subtleties of their subculture’s anti-language. A green carnation. A stencil of a hissing black cat. A specific pass-phrase, or series of seemingly inconsequential numbers. Each serves as an innuendo to intersectional identities and alternative readings of cultural materials. They are ways to construct safe havens behind enemy lines. A place to exist freely, express love, and organize resistance. I’m grateful to all who resonated with the call and contributed to

signal jammers." Anthony Naimo

Up close banner featuring magenta hyacinths wet and sparkling from rain

Do you resonate with the call, dear Reader?

What do you visualize when you close your eyes and focus on a safe haven?

Who's there?

Visualize and manifest.

Don't normalize what doesn't resonate-

trust others to do the same

trust yourself

distinctly instinctively

Some night, just turn the lights off in whatever room you think of this in.

Take deep breaths in the darkness and

allow that darkness to represent space.

Allow that darkness to represent

experiencing everyday places in new ways,

with a simple shift of focus.

With a gentle, mischievous



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