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Dear Reader,

I finished this piece about a week ago. It's been hanging on my wall since and seems ready to move on. Allow me to introduce you.


Vintage embroidery hoop, thrifted fibers, deconstructed cotton fabrics, dress ties

22" in diameter



Over the last couple of years, I have relied heavily on neurology and social sciences for answers. Explanations and understanding. The laws of Nature have always resonated with me louder than the rules of Man. So, I've directed my attention to our internal building blocks. What got us here. What we all have in common.

I'm fascinated by the evolution of our instincts.

I'm enamored with the propensity to get defensive right away. Our knees jerk. We puff up. The amygdala kicks in and we dig our heels down.

In an attempt to find some clarity, I created this weaving. Center representing harmony, moving to smoggy greed, that fades out into disillusionment. The edge of the weaving is wrapped in deconstructed dress ties.

We need to feel safe so we don't have to feel threatened. Any child could come up with it. As Spring awakens, dear Reader, what if we set an extra place at the table for Tenderness?

I'm glad you are here. It's just a drop in the bucket. Thank you for reading.




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