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Dear Reader,

Welcome to 2024.

In our house we've dubbed it 'The Year of the Ecstatic Warrior'.

Do you have any new years' traditions, resolutions, or reservations?

2023 was 'The Year of No Mistakes.'

A title placed to spend a year exploring this idea that it is impossible to make a mistake.

If we live trusting our instincts and doing what feels right, how can a mistake be made?

Sure- there were the restless nights:

oh. maybe i should've

why didn't i think to

what's the matter with me that


I'm walking out of 2023 shedding the excessive weight and wasted mental bandwidth from living with infinite options.

Feeling bogged down about what a life should look like-

this new identity as a wife should look like.

Instead, returning to my guts.

Trying to focus more on simply making logical moves vs. the 'right' moves

Making a decision and moving on without mulling.

Trusting my instincts.

Allowing this to always lead to that.

ToolBoxEarth began as an Etsy shop offering macrame plant hangers and crocheted produce bags. It's evolved so much in a noggin shy of three years.

It's become a force I walk alongside.

A force that hundreds of people have in their homes.

Meditative artwork intended to promote serene connectivity

Or a high-five in passing.

A mirror reflecting this line between our hearts and hands.

A visual cue relaxing one's nervous system in hopes of creating a moment of rest.

I just have this hunch that art, specifically live art, can save the species.

A hunch that the ticket is leading with our therapies,

our processes,

and not the behavior behind the ailment.

Art is a strong remedy.

Thank you for your ongoing, awesome support.

Thank you for allowing me to weave for you.

Ecstatic Warriors.

With big, fresh like cold water love,

A eclectic round weaving sits on a mirror laying in winter moss. Reflected in the mirror is the sky, tree branches and the words 'trust your instincts, not the system'

PS- Want to see the weaving in motion?

How the woven sausage gets made?

I've started live streaming on Twitch.


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