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Dear Reader,

Did you notice that I snuck them in?

ToolBoxEarth's very first themed eight piece collection, Glimmers, was released over the weekend.

But, before I introduce you to each of the pieces, I'd like to tell you a bit more about what the magic ToolBoxEarth and I are working with, and what we intend to do with it.

What pulls you in, lulls you? One of the constant, woven themes here at ToolBoxEarth is representing origins.

Shining a light on what we as humans have in common, the blocks we were all built from. The pieces of those blocks that still remain in each of us.

Connects us.

Honesty, that's my answer. If something, or someone, exudes honesty, I'm in and the more palpable the honesty, the more interested I become.

And that's what's to be discovered here at ToolBoxEarth.

A depiction of what honesty in origins looks like.


Moments of safety and stillness on your journey back to whatever origin you need to meet with.

Offered moments for your home.

Woven slices that reflect deeply inward and shine ever outward.

For journeying we all are.

Picking up what strikes us, and shedding what weighs us down.

Cloak yourself in grounded calmness.

Pick it up if it strikes you.

Pick it up if it GLIMMERS.

And now, promised introductions:

one in the same

Wooden vintage embroidery hoop,

misc fiber scraps, bulky synthetic fibers

24" in diameter


Oval round weaving made from recycled, patterned sari ribbon. Patterns create cohesive design in earth tones.

the ancient, OG Cinderella

Wooden embroidery hoop, recycled sari ribbon, vintage macrame cord



Colorful framed weaving made from scraps. Whirling colors meet a sky blue macrame cord as the constant color throughout.

refracting light in the smallest drops

Thrifted wooden picture frame, scrap fibers



Framed round oval weaving. Black detailed frame with several different blue fibers in rounds to create depth and texture

be your own savior

Thrifted picture frame, recycled cotton macrame cord, recycled fibers



Framed large weaving in a fractal pattern displaying both positive and negative spaces.

marry the positive and negative spaces

Wooden thrifted picture frame, crochet thread, thrifted fabrics and fibers



Round weaving with bursts of colors and white macrame cord. A dark line of fibers goes through the center of the round weaving to create a visual break.

allow cracks to see

Steel hoop, vintage macrame cord, repurposed cotton fabrics, fiber scraps

12.5" in diameter


Oblong, round weaving featuring colors and textures from many different recycled materials that come together in a celestial design. Border is white silk to pick up neighboring colors.

familiarity in the ether

Wooden vintage embroidery hoop, paracord, thrifted silk, scrap fibers and fabrics


Psychadelic round weaving featuring blues and burgundies in rounds made from recycled materials

trust your mental breadcrumbs

Vintage wooden embroidery hoop, recycled cotton fabrics, recycled sari ribbon, paracord

23" in diameter


Offerings straight from my guts to your guts.

Art that feels good.

I hope you find something that strikes you today.

I hope whatever that is, you pick it up and add it to your toolbox.

Or your wall space.

Zoomed in textured image of sage green fungus. The image looks like growth in a petri dish.

Do not get down.

Get better.

Stay calm.

Take the high road.

We'll meet you there.

Thank you for being here for this moment.

This exaltation.



Next up:

-A closer look at the creation of a couple of pieces from GLIMMER

-How I speak with color

-More from my guts to your guts

For now:

Fetch the Bolt Cutters by Fiona Apple


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