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Dear Reader,

It’s 1:39am in Canandaigua, NY on Sunday, April 28th.

Reporting from my kitchen floor-

a space I decidedly come to.

On this morning, it’s after a sleep interrupted by the decision to eat too much pizza, and

falling undecidedly asleep at 8:30pm

the previous evening.

And I’m thinking about the ‘how’

being as lofty in weight as the ‘what’-

if not loftier.

Thinking about you

Thinking about the scents of soap

you might make if it were

in conjunction

with your own eras.

How your own scents



have changed over time

Where you would place

your bar

within your home

Which era of you

would fit with which season

Thinking about

if you were to design your own yarn,

to create a top to wear,

what it would look like

what you would name it

Thinking about you, dear Reader,

and the importance of not leaving yourself behind


to make room for

third-party farties.

A cat just started calling outside.

With mechanics’ hands,

As an alley cat,


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