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Dear Reader,

I just watched a student driver complete a K-turn (impeccably) on our quiet neighborhood street. Now I'm sitting here, thinking about the newness that youth provides.

The excitement.

The drive.

And what happens when the lingering affects of youth are met with the existential crises that lie before us?

Crises which, for me, are rooted in the question:


ToolBoxEarth's second themed collection showcasing five handmade pieces of original fiber art.

Five characters find themselves in a spooky tale to celebrate Halloween 2023.

Woven reflections of organic combinations and innovation intended to invite newness.

Questions and stillness.

All five weavings are built within stretcher frames with hanging hardware attached.

Leave your ghouls behind.


What shifts when we focus on the 'how' vs the 'what'?

What happens when we apply those two modes of thinking to the question:

'what is a human life for'?

How we buy vs what we buy

Who we love vs how we love

Surround yourself with what you love.

Whatever strikes you.

I hope you have filled your walls, soul, and human life with meaning.

Pieces that express or reflect a whole.

And I hope that you find something within ToolBoxEarth that strikes you as a meaningful addition to your meaningful life.

They're our lives to create meaning within.

YOUR life.

Do with it what you will.

We'll be here cheering.

Thank you for reading.


Further reading: Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins

Drop the veils.


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