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The undeniable resilience of Spring. The electric green of new growth through the BRAMBLES. In the Spring, Nature meets again and we have the noble privilege of observing the bows of greeting. I'm waiting for a kind of societal Spring. Yearning I guess. One where we all reemerge and bow as neighbors.

So I made a friendly weaving for you. This gentle push to connect is two things: a thrifted oval picture frame that shows charming, organic blemishes and recycled, deconstructed fabrics.

This original woven wall hanging is built directly into the thrifted picture frame. I wanted the two, weaving and frame, to truly be joined. So I built a design to do that without the use of added hardware. A hanging fixture has been installed for your decorating ease.


For more info about this woven beauty, please visit us here.

Measures in at 21.5x17.5x1"

Your new weaving will be lovingly packed in recycled shipping materials. Free domestic shipping is included.

Please reach out with questions. Please reach out with ideas and high fives. Please reach out.

PS- This weaving was inspired in part by artworks from the musician Brambles. Ever just need to be in someone else's head? Brambles' is a really wonderful one to visit.

BRAMBLES | Nature Inspired Art | ToolBoxEart

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