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and yet

Dear Reader,

From a radical mind:

And yet

Even though

Well at least-

America wakes up the same today as it did yesterday.

catering to potato people

products of a country reaping

from the greed seeds

we have sown

America's Potatoes

those amongst us who hold an electrical charge,

but not much else

manufactured on-site

parts assembled in the usa

spitting out

newest editions:

the trump

the swift


the bon jovi

squishy potato faces

waiting for us to

eat them up

what good is a verdict within this america?

justice no longer lives here-

stop yelling after the ghost

even if it means

eating the whole tube of lipstick

instead of becoming a pig


is not


formed during interstellar explosions.

Gold or Potato, dear Reader?

Third or Fifth, if you prefer.

With a handful of new seeds to sow,

As a ringing bell,

Close up shot of small torn pieces of paper with artists signature sits atop a huge burdock leaf taking up the entire square framed composition


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