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Heretic And Beholden

Dear Reader,

What a mighty force is conjured when art and activism meet. Today I am offering a pair of framed weavings and a singleton to you.

All three constructed to illuminate gratitude.

To share.

The more I hear of the atrocities being overlooked, maybe ensured, by the United States government at the US/Mexico border, the more I weave. The more vigilant I become about reaching out to non profits to donate my artworks in pursuit of change.


Thrifted wood picture frame, recycled cotton fabrics


7.5" diameter

50% of the profits from these three weavings will be donated to the Safe Passage Project. They are a NYC-based non profit that offers free legal counsel to immigrant children facing deportation.

With gratitude, let us lead with courageous hands into a more humane tomorrow. It starts with the truth, our truth as Americans, in acknowledging what we are actively doing. The ways we are actively stripping fellow people of their dignity and basic human rights and needs.


Thrifted wood picture frame, recycled cotton fabrics


$45 each, $90 pair

'Oh, America, my friend,

And so we ask you, please

Can we help you find the peace and the star?

Oh, my friend, we have all come

To fear the beating of your drum'

-Fiddle and the Drum, Joni Mitchell, 1969

What we are,

is not what we need to be.

A reckoning is upon us.

What ferocious love we must find.

What love the mighty 'We' has,

to look forward to.

If you are affiliated with or know of a non profit that would be open to an art donation, please reach out via my contact form or email

Please consider signing this petition to stop the building of more wall at the US and Mexico border under the Biden administration. Help save Friendship Park, 'the historic binational meeting place at the western-most end of the US-Mexico border just south of San Diego.'

Thank you for reading this woven love letter.

Round we go,

let's make sure we do it with grace and humanity.



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