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Dear Reader,

You have a voice inside of you

it's different than any other voice

within any Kingdom of your choosing.

Through valiant work,

we can each find ours.

Do not be deterred, dear Reader.

What's yours is your's,

like no other's.

Round weaving made from recycled materials promoting art therapy and a new world
One weaving from the upcoming collection, SEVEN VEILS

The more we share,

the more we'll grow.

Find your well,

and draw.

Just wanted to pop in and show you

the beginning of a new dress tie/bike tube journey.

The UNKNOWN point,

like as the Knights of the Round Table left Camelot in pursuit of {_____},


what part of the surrounding forest appears darkest

where the need is greatest

where to begin

Knock and enter dear Reader-

there are no strangers here.

With a call to our voices,

As a friend,

Reflective self portrait of artist, dreads merging with tree branches in the wind


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