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Dear Reader,

A couple weeks ago, I shared about ToolBoxEarth's break-up with Etsy.

And since,

after shedding the unnecessary weight of unnecessary middle-men,

deciding to move the business predominately off-line,

ToolBoxEarth has bloomed outward into space.

New consignment agreements.

New methods.

New sense of purpose.

New bite.

The blinders are off.

The veils are dropping, dear Reader.

I hear a lot of things in passing,

breadcrumbs without context.

Living with the confidence to connect em in my own way.

It doesn't make me particularly interesting when it comes to discussing matters in-depth,

but what it does leave me with,

is the strength and honed skill of connecting ideas and patterns.

The mechanics around us,

within us.

And what seems to be happening

is a solidifcation of the magic within

The puzzle piece of 'I know it's something',

finding it's mate of the science abounding

With this new, fresh focus and light

and levity.

New findings to share:

I love psychology, biology, and neuroscience.

Another Holy Trinity-

the confluence of Mama Gaia.

Even as a child, there was a fearless curiosity fueled by an unwillingness to accept thwarted answers tirelessly force-fed by a standardized education system.

it's the pulling of a spiral in opposition that creates a helix

it seems to be a way to group people-

pushers and pullers

those of us who have an unabiding desire for satiation when it comes to the Cosmos in a macro way,

and others who find curiosity drilling down within the infinite biology of this planet in the micro

Truth, radical truth, is the only way to peace.*

A little more Carlin,

maybe less uncomfortable politeness.

A little more Hicks,

maybe less uncomfortable normalization.

truth determined by ethics, not rules

The original woven meditative wall hangings are a place for you to rest,

gather space and focus,

so you may look Bullshit in the eyes (our eyes),

and call it by it's true name

Cortisol is commonly referred to as 'the stress hormone'.

It floods our system to ignite the sympathetic nervous system,

turning on our fight or flight state

when a threat is perceived.

autonomic nervous system diagram displaying the differences between the parasympathetic nervous system and the symmpathetic nervous system

Within our autonomic nervous system, there are two dancing partners

one is our sympathetic nervous system (fight er flight)

the other is our parasympathetic nervous system-

acting as a brake within a car, it's noble duty is returning the body back to homeostasis after the threat has passed.

The weavings were always going to be intended to provide rest outwardly.

A small but active way to combat this horrific normalization of toxins

What we are reaping,

as a direct result of what we've sown.

Combat hearing friends say things like,

'I've lost my father to YouTube'

Combat this self-inflicted disease of MORE

From my own shore,

what I've recently realized

through healing traumas

through creating new space within my internal framework,

is that ToolBoxEarth is an active exploration of the relationship between our eyes,

as the gateways to our reality,

and the parasympathetic nervous system.

an offering to find space,

trigger the need for space,

time, and calmness,

Tangible, tactile fiber art to rest in and heal.

A breadcrumb I heard recently in passing was someone speaking on NPR to the similarity between an artist's life and one of scientific research.

On going experiments, observations, what-ifs.

Insatiable curiosity of interactions

Now, dear Reader, an associate's degree in Human Services can only take us so far.

For more about the magic within ToolBoxEarth,

Dr. Joe Dispenza has the science:

When the Knights of the Round Table left for the quest to find the Holy Grail,

not one amongst them knew where to start.

Without this knowledge, each entered the forest surrounding Camelot

at the point darkest to him.

We reap,








what we sow.

And it takes time.

What will you sow for the collective as we move into Spring, dear Reader?

Will our quest begin with quivering hands in quivers,

or returning two hands firmly to the wheel of your mind?

Art as constants amongst us,

as tools to add to our toolbox,

tool shed,

tool drawer,

an inaugural tool maybe.

A first step to the desire of returning to homeostasis.

A place to rest within the BRAMBLES

With spiciness,

Without capacity for the collective,

*more on peace and the stigmatization that's been wound around it soon.

The Seven Veils collection- seven weavings inspired by Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins will be released April 22nd in celebration of Earth Day.



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